At Body Renu, we believe in health coaching as an invaluable part of your journey to optimal wellness and vitality. Unlike other health care facilities, we don’t just hand you a plan and leave you to figure out the rest. The health coach works closely with you and alongside the doctor to customize a plan that’s right for you, based on you as an individual. This means taking into consideration your lifestyle, and tailoring your goals to match it, as opposed to the other way around. Our health coach ensures your success by assisting you each step of the way.

Some of the tools our health coach uses include:

  • grocery lists, meal plans, recipes, etc.

  • a tracking app, similar to MyFitnessPal, that allows insight into your daily routine

  • additional testing or supplement suggestions

  • solutions for stress management

  • guilt-free solutions to ward off cravings

  • 24/7 contact

  • personal connection & emotional support

    *Appointments are available in person or phone/virtual.


3 month program

Only $499
3 Sessions
24/7 contact.


body renu phase

Included in our BodyRenu Program.
3, 6, or 12 months with Health Coach.
Up to 2 doctors visits per month!


one hour session

à la carte.
60 Minutes.
$99 dollars.


meet our



Hi! I’m Jaycee Waters.

Here's the deal...

It's not just about food, (even though that's a big part of it). It's about getting the most out of life, optimizing self-care and reaching your fullest potential.

I have a variety of tools that I can teach you that will last a lifetime...

Become a mover, a shaker, an action taker... Hey, that rhymes!

But seriously...

Let's be friends. I'm here to support you. I can't do the work for you, but I can show you how. Best part about that? (aside from getting to hang out with yours truly) You get to take all the credit!