Traditional medicine is meant for treating a group or population.  It is great for an acute condition such as trauma, respiratory failure or heart attack.  It falls short in treating you as an individual and finding the root cause of your problem.  For chronic conditions it classifies you as a disease condition, gives you a medication, but never really solves the problem.

Functional medicine is individualized medicine.  It looks for the root cause(s) of a problem.  Once the root cause(s) is found, an individualized treatment plan can be developed to reverse the problem, restore health, and slow the aging process.

Your journey to Renu’d health begins with a comprehensive health assessment. Based on your personal information (history, physical exam, labs, etc.) we provide you a detailed Health Plan. Our dedicated team is committed to teaching you how improve your health.

We work hard to create a strong personal relationship with you. We are excited for your success!


Heart and brain


There has long been an association between the heart and brain.  When either of them stops functioning, one’s life is said to be over.  We talk of aching hearts, brain fog, headaches and heart attacks.  They represent the mental vs. emotional, or even the body and mind.

What is interesting is that dementia and heart disease have the same risk factors.  Inflammation, oxidative stress, and infection are the causes of disease in both of these major organs.  Treatment of conditions surrounding the heart and brain are nearly identical.

Early Impact 

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As a young boy, I remember vividly the day we all went to our grandparent’s house because my grandfather had passed away from a heart attack.  I also remember the last time I saw my grandmother alive when I was just 13. She had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and because of that my father told me that it would be much too stressful for my grandmother if I visited. I attended her funeral while I was in medical school many years later.  Both events made a huge impression on me and eventually became one of the biggest reasons I’ve focused so much of my attention on improving brain and heart function.

Why BodyRenu?


I have found that practicing in an insurance-based practice was not conducive to practicing functional medicine.  I really wanted to treat the individual, and not just follow national treatment guidelines that required me to identify a condition and then give the appropriate drug.  I was not free, through traditional-insurance-based-medicine, to look for the root cause of disease in my patient.

In January 2010, we started BodyRenu so that patients could receive individualized attention to identify the cause of their condition, and an individualized treatment plan to restore health.  I was now free to take the time to listen to patients, identify the correct testing, and use individualized treatments to restore health.  No longer were my patients on the long slow march to the assisted living center.

Top Ten


Cardiovascular disease has been the number one killer in the United States for about the last 120 years.  (The Flu beat it out a couple of times in the early 1900’s).  Strokes and dementia have also both been in the Top Ten for most of the same period.  I see it as my mission in life to knock these diseases out of the top ten during my lifetime.  Will you help me with this quest?